Monday, May 16, 2011

The mustard tree parable

   Ever wonder about some of the parables in the Bible made by Jesus?  Ever wonder  why some of the explanations of some denominational churches and preachers just dont seem too quite fit? I mentioned the kingdom of heaven parable Christ gave in an earlier post saying it was like a mustard seed planted that grew into a huge tree and the birds of the air came and nested in it. I also mentioned , I think, that the law of first mention applies to parables too. That means that if birds are unclean or evil in one scripture it will mean the same thing all through the scripture. I really do think that parable was used to show a picture of the denominational churches in the latter days. I think everyone knows there is not now or was never a "mustard tree". Mustard is a small plant used as a spice or  the leaves as an edible green.
   I tried to find a list of all the denominational churches now but didnt find a definitive list. I believe I have heard it said that there are over 200 denominations just in America and some of  them are even divided even further like Baptist, Southern Baptist, Freewill Baptist, etc. Does  this amaze anyone beside me? Christ is returning for His bride,  singularly not plural. I think He is returning for only those that meet His requirements not our beliefs. Yet we have taken what He taught as a definitive benchmark for our lives and added things we want and dropped the things that we didn't like to  make His requirements fit our desires.  I have heard people argue over things like eternal security,, gifts of the Spirit, water baptism, pretrib, midtrib, postrib, a-millenium , pre-millenium, post millenium and the list just goes on and on and on. Its not that hard to understand if people would take the bible literally but we cant even do that.  We argue over if its to be taken literally or as just a general guide. I think Christ answered that one pretty clearly when He said heaven and earth would pass away but not one yot or title would pass from His word until "ALL" was fulfilled. God even put a curse on anyone that tried to change one letter of it. Yet we cant even agree on that. I have had people I know and love tell me that means that you have to read the King James Version ONLY!!! God help us!!!
   As Chuck Missler  says "If we were accused of being a Christian would there be enough evidence to convict us?"
   As I mentioned earlier Im afraid we have fallen into a trap carefully  laid by Satan himself. He has, as the quote goes, divided and conquered. Again instead of  the small strong mustard plant ,the church has grown into a huge aberration and the unclean spirits of the air have made a home in it. I have for  nearly 30 years tried to warn people about that trap but as one pastor told me proudly This is the Bible belt and when the church doors open we have to be there. Christ's church has no doors or windows or pews. His church is the true believer  with the desire to be like Him , not some building. Where ever His true followers are is where the church is. I see nothing wrong with  coming together and singing praises and praying and worshiping God but I think the home is where the learning and teaching takes place. I know all about the scripture that says to not forsake assembling yourselves together but Christ said where 2 are gathered together in My name that He would be there also.
   If you remember the tithes and offerings in the apostles day were for feeding and clothing the poor not building stained glass buildings. I think Catholicism  and the Vatican showed us that the desire of wealth and materialism didn't go missing when Rome decided to let Christians worship in the open. Has anyone ever noticed that the only people that Christ had harsh words for were the pharisees and the religious? The poor, the lame, the tax collectors and even the harlots he delivered and saved but called the religious vipers and white washed tombs full of dead men's bones. Hmm,,, I wonder why.
   I promise that the next post will be about the joy  and true happiness that coming out of that bondage will give you when you finally  shake off the religious chains that we have allowed to be hung around our necks. It feels so wonderful and lightened to get off that yoke and to put on His. That is the purpose of our creation and when we find that He delivered us from the curse that we have tried for so long to earn our way to heaven and to realize that He did it all. I pray for the deliverance of all our family and friends and everyone else in that system of bondage. God bless and keep us all until the day we escape this world. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and may His kingdom come !!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Man with a Plan

The Man with a Plan
by Dr. David Breese
time of global crisis :
The pavilion of the nations was an awesome place that day
With the throb of martial music 'neath a fiery display,

With the flags of all the nations lifted upward to the stars,
With kings and queens and princes stepping from their stately cars.

The peoples of the planet were represented there,
For the world had been invited to come and think and share.
In the midst of global crisis of a hundred separate kinds,
They came for new solutions, for a meeting of the minds.

We must have all new answers, "said the leaders of the day.
"We come from starving peoples, bankrupt countries, disarray.
Ugly wars are raging 'round us, rivers, flood, and cities burn,
Murder, arson, rape and pillage--death awaits at every turn."

"We sense," they said, "that we have been in every way betrayed.
Our dreams are now in ruins and are people are dismayed.
Our hope, once placed in state, in church, in God, in love, in race,
Is gone, along with faith itself. What now shall take its place?"

the false prophet : unity
Then a man stepped to the platform, to the circle of the light,
Who with words of warmest greeting said, "We welcome you tonight.
You have come from every nation of this sad and troubled earth
To seek a fresh beginning, yes, a new and nobler birth."

"I can tell you," said the speaker, "in this time of hate and fear,
Though problems seem unsolvable, frustration's end is near.
The turning point of history could be this very day,
For there is one who shall soon come to sweep your fears away."

With these and many other words he promised all things new
To all the peoples of the world, the Gentile and the Jew,
To red and yellow, black and white, the miracle would come,
The new and golden age would dawn, the old must now succumb.

He spoke of possibilities, of challenges, of goals.
How man, believing in himself, the universe controls.
"You are gods of this New Age," he said to that great throng,
Which then, transported by his words, broke forth in gladsome song.

A thunderous ovation roared from that adoring crowd.
With cheers of acclamation both loud and still more loud.
Ah, how the crowd exulted, holding high each little son
To see him who would tell them of the world that can be won.

Bathed in that light and clothed in white he welcomed their applause.
Then he, impassioned, spoke of things beyond all human laws.
How shifting in the paradigm was making all things new.
The awe-struck crowd saw in his words the beautiful, the true.

The throng was hushed,
How could, they thought, we live to hear this voice
Which calls us to this bright design and offers us the choice?
We can now step up to greatness, affirm the spacious plan,
Give ourselves in privileged service to this dear and cosmic man.

Then he, as if divining that crowd's emergent mind,
How they would make of him the man to guide the new mankind
Then escalate him to a throne, with scepter, crown and ring
Where he in wisdom, power, and love would rule everything.

He said, "Now you must listen and hear me in this hour.
There is one much more endowed than I with wisdom, force and power.
He is himself the one who forged this wide colossal plan.
He is himself the greatest mind yet given to mortal man."

"He has the power to move the world to set the nations free,
To bring upon our suffering earth its long-sought liberty,
To be the final stanza of the anthem mankind sings.
And---Ah, the joy!--he even now is waiting in the wings!"

With this the crowd was plunged into silence, stunned and still,
What could this mean--A man who now would all our hopes fulfill?"
"Yes!" said the white-clothed figure as he gestured toward the gate,
Where an entourage moved slowly as if neither soon nor late.

the antichrist: peace
Each eye transfixed upon that group then focused on a man,
Who by his sheer demeanor seemed all social gulfs to span.
"He truly is majestic," thought the throng which stood and stared
As he rode astride a charger white, whose crimson nostrils flared.

He ascended to the dias, more widely to be seen,
Then stood before that trembling throng with strong and stately main.
His impact on that multitude was wondrous to behold.
They then stood still as gifted words upon them he bestowed.

"My dear and noble comrades, co-citizens of fate,
This day begins upon this earth an era new and great.
For now the gods have chosen that this must be the time
When all that is newly made---when all shall be sublime."

"We gather here from myriad scenes, from every hemisphere,
Our homes, our farms, our children are the reason we are here.
We seek the unity of earth where faction is no more.
The ship of state must anchor on a new and peaceful shore."

When men of earth must join as one, yes e'en the stars o'erhead,
The masters of the universe, together they have said,
'The ages past and those to come conjoin this very day
To now transport us to the realm where gods alone hold sway.' "

"My promise is eternal peace, the gods of war deposed,
We'll see the age of verdant green, the fig tree and the rose,
Earth will become a garden fair which blooms from sea to sea.
The parliament of nations ordains these things to be."

The man (But was this just a man?) spoke on that fateful eve,
His flashing eyes, his golden voice, his words without reprieve
Moved from his mighty master-mind to every waiting era
To capture for the glorious cause each soul, both far and near.

fire down from heaven
But wait--the speaker lifts his hands, a roar sounds loud and high,
Then--Could it be?---cascading fire falls from the flaming sky.
The raging conflagration for a moment sweeps the tier
Before the lighted faces now aghast with living fear.

It swept upon that orator, before that wide-eyed crowd,
He still stepped out majestically unhurried and uncowed.
"The fire", he said, "has in myself now cleansed the souls of men.
The limits on humanity shall never be again."

From that moment of all moments one could never be the same.
The nations of the world became the clients of his fame.
The rulers and the ruled of earth, with tears of ecstasy,
Enrolled to join the legions of that man of destiny.

The next vortex of history was forged on earth that hour.
A cryptic new compulsion would seize men with its power.
Certain now of greatness, they would stand in glory's ray.
The pavilion of the nations was an awesome place that day.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Is the problem in America ignorance or apathy?

Hmm interesting question,,, Most Americans would say I dont know and I dont care ! One of the worlds top economists said in a speech in April that America has only a few months left to save this nation. He said he thought from his research that the only way possible now was to impeach the joke we elected as president and to force congress to enact the Glass Steagall act. He thinks if we did those 2 things it might be possible to save America but even that window is fast closing. I have talked to a few people about doing this. The first question they ask is how do we do that. My reply was contact your congressional leaders and demand they do it. The reply is who are my congressional leaders, or that aint gonna do nuthin. Hmm, Ok then lets just go back to sleep and when we wake up everything is gonna be just peachy. I see all the people on the social networking sites putting on their pictures and saying how much they love their babies and grandbabies and believe me I understand that. I do the same thing. But yet when we are on the verge  of losing the ability to feed clothe and educate them we come up with some lame excuse as to why we cant be bothered to make a call or even take 5 min to send an email to our elected officials to demand they do what is necessary to save them.
   Isnt that akin to someone coming into your home and stealing your child's food and clothing and you sit there in the recliner and say oh well the cops will do something, I mean after all its their job to stop thieves. I dont feel like calling them or getting up and stopping the thieves myself but I know they will eventually get caught. We pay the salary of these people and they should do their job. Not my job to do anything.
  I know that one generation has to be the one that witnesses the end of the age. I understand that and even accept that this is probably the one, but I dont think we are expected to just sit idly by and watch the nation that was built on a Godly foundation and paid for with the blood of Godly men to be destroyed from within by the scum like obama and his ilk. I completely understand that God looked into the future of man and saw what he would do to the creation He gave him. He knew we would become lazy and greedy and uncaring and knew we would bring about our own destruction if He didnt intervene. He also knew that fallen man was not capable of governing themselves if they tried to do it without the Creator's influence. Yet we kicked Him out of our schools, government, and lives and then wonder why things are so inconceivably screwed up in our nation and world. For almost 2 hundred years America was the Godly light of the world and the envy of every nation in the world. In the late 50's and early 60's we began to let Satan creep in and take over. How's that working out for us?? We kill unborn babies and are now even paying for the procedures to have it done. Yet when a mother murders all her children we say "Oh poor woman, she must have had a mental problem". Dont send her to prison send her to get the help she needs. Now we have a president who says privately that we should get rid of, oh excuse me, allow the sick and weak who can no longer contribute to society to just pass away. We cant afford to pay for medical procedures for the old and sick so just let them die. But hey if they have money by all means do what ever it takes. We are now the generation that God prophesied would be the last. We are the one that calls evil good and good evil. Dont believe me? Turn on the news and watch for awhile.And yes fox is just like all the rest. The republican right have the exact same agenda as the liberal left, they just want to do it slower and more incrementally. The Dems want to do it and get it over with. but both want a one world government ruled by the elite, not the ignorant masses.
  I hear people who think that because they are in their mid 20's think they have it all figured out now just like I did at that age. The sad truth is I didnt have a clue and neither do they. It takes a few decades of living to really even start to understand the ruler of this world and see over time how he works. No wonder they want to let the old and wise just pass away. They would shoot them in the brain if they could get away with it. Because if you tell the young something enough times and package it just right and make it attractive enough for now they will agree to anything. Tell a teenager he can have unlimited sex till he is 25 he will agree to be castrated on his 26 birthday. Dont believe me? Ask a 16 yr old. They think you should die at 30 anyway because by then you are too old to enjoy life. I had one of my sons tell me that I have lived my life and watched my kids grow up so now let me live mine. Lol, One of my proud moments. Kinda makes you want to live long enough to see their kids grow up and get to witness them being told they are now useless and dont know anything. The sad part is we are all that way and by the time we are old enough  to really understand life and we would give anything too be able to go back and actually listen to and act on the wisdom given by our parents and grandparents. I have done and said so many things I would love to be able to change and take back or do differently. They will too, if they have the chance. Thats the whole point if we dont act now their memories will be of the evil things that are at our door. Again dont believe me, ask a European Jew about his childhood memories. Cant happen here? Thats what they said, ask them. You can find forums online to talk to them. Its worth the time and trouble to listen to what they have to say and see how it started. Or we can all just go back to sleep and let the politicians take care of us. I mean they said if we would  put them in office they would act in our best interest didn't they? We believe politicians in this country dont we? Good nite.

Once and for all

Hello, Im creating this blog . for the express purpose of letting anyone who cares to find out what my beliefs and stances are on these things that have so many people scared and confused. I'm not a world famous writer, scholar, evangelist, theologian or  anything at all like that. I'm just a normal everyday hillbilly with a little education, a brain that functions properly on occasion, and a very strong belief that the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob is real and the creator of the universe and everything in it. I believe contrary, to most denominational churches, that the Bible is His inspired word and that everything in it is true and that He intended it to be taken literally. Not to say that there aren't "euphemisms" and "types" in it, but that when that is what is used it is apparent and easy to see.
   I have seen churches broken and split because of nothing more than pride. I have seen good people that were earnest in their desire to change their lives put off by the way  they were treated by supposed Christians. I know of pastors and preachers that are much more concerned about what women wear and how long the men's hair is than the feeding and teaching of the people. I have seen pastors that completely fall by sleeping with other women and when they are caught lie their way out of it rather than admit their mistakes and ask to be forgiven. When his own children catch him with the woman, he accuses them of lying about him. I know of pastors addicted to drugs that even when they do admit they have problems still refuse to ask for help or do anything to get delivered. Even swearing under oath that their doctor knows they are getting their prescriptions filled online and after faxing it to the online drug company go as fast as they can to the pharmacy to get the same prescription filled. In our own area a highly regarded pastor was caught by law enforcement in a homosexual act in a public park. Is it just me or does anyone else think the churches might have a problem.
  My next thought  has me wondering if by the word ""church"" Christ even meant what passes for church now. Remember the parable of the mustard seed when planted grew into this huge abhorrent tree that the "birds of the air" came and roosted in? Could Christ have been speaking of what has is passed off as "church" today. Remember he saved the Kingdom of God is like this. Hmm. What else could he have been referring to. The birds of the air are always considered evil or unclean in scripture.  In His day there were no big cathedrals built with thousands of dollars and now even millions of dollars. I know of a very famous church in Ca that hired security to run off the homeless from their parking lot and around their buildings because they didn't want them to be begging from the churches attendees when they arrived in their fancy cars. Again is that just me or do you think Christ would have tried to help rather than run them off. I saw by the way that church, costing millions of dollars for the buildings is filing bankruptcy. Is this the Bride that is without spot or blemish that He is coming back for? Or is it the TV evangelist who runs 24 hrs a day asking you to send them money so God will bless you with a hundred fold? I don't mean that this is the intention of all of the evangelists on TV but now I would have to say I would include most of them in that category. Julie, my wife and I received Christ watching TV in our living room, not in a building. I had been to the alter as its called in a church probably 5 or 6 times and all I got was emotion. Yet, He came to an apartment in Buena Park, Ca. and delivered me from drug and alcohol addiction instantly.
   That reminds me of another thing that just blows my mind. How do we get that the God of the universe didn't know the difference between wine and grape juice? Paul even tells us what the great learned doctors of our time tells us, that a little wine is good for you. If he meant grape juice shouldn't he have made that distinction. Am I saying its ok to go get falling down drunk and bring dishonor on yourself and Him? NO? And if you cant drink in moderation without having to get totally soused then by all means don't drink at all. But do you need to condemn someone who enjoys a glass of wine with a meal? Maybe they aren't the ones with the problem. And how do we get the idea that just because you think something is wrong that its wrong for your brother or sister in Christ? Do we not remember the teachings about this in the new testament? If we would study and take to heart His word I think there would be a lot more harmony in the body of Christ.
  Racism in the body of Christ. This one is straight outta the pit of hell. I have had a pastor and his wife both use the N bomb and laugh about it. I bet Christ was so proud at that moment. I know I was. I looked at my wife and she was as shocked as I. I think the look on our faces must have got the point across because the subject was quickly changed. What are we going to do when we see Christ and he isn't a white anglo ? I think that comes from the churches replacement theology. I mean if its ok to condemn and hate Jews its gotta be ok to hate blacks right. Now that one IS laid at the feet of the denominational church. We are taught that since the Jews killed the messiah that all those promises He made to them are transferred to the church. I got news for them, GOD IS NOT THROUGH WITH THE JEW!!!!! As a matter of fact we are getting ready to find out that He is going to start dealing with the Jew exclusively again. Stop believing what your denominational church has been spouting all these years and open the Book and read it for yourself. When you stand at the foot of Christ do you think that "My preacher said" is going to cut it? How bout "My daddy told me" or maybe "I''m a baptist or I'm a Presbyterian, and we believe".
  While Im on the subject of denominational teachings, Where in the scripture does it say that in the year 1611 God is going to inspire a separate translation of the scriptures and that only that translation is authorized for his Bride to read? Exclude all those written before in which people gave their lives to get into the languages of the people and all those after that were written to help explain and illuminate the passages that were hard for non Elizabethans to read and understand.  And were you not taught in seminary that the King James Version is taken directly from the Wycliffe , word for word with the only exception being they left out some of parenthetical phrases  that he used to explain some of the original words that didn't translate well into English? Did you know that Wycliffe's version wasn't adopted by King James because the Catholic Church wanted to have Wycliffe killed. Yet when the council just dropped a few words and gave it to King James as their own translation he accepted it? But hey, if you enjoy the KJV that's fine, its beautiful, I read that version more than any other but maybe you should find out the truth for yourself before you accept what you are taught and condemn others for something that I bet Christ could care less about. And surely if you spout this you don't ever read the naves topical or another study help because hey this wasn''t authorized by King James.
   Ok are you mad at me yet or want to stop reading this junk? That's fine, my actually taking a stand and telling what I believe to be the truth has cost me most of my friends and a large part of my family. I am willing to pay that price if it will keep one person from missing the mark. But I do ask this, before you completely reject everything I have said here, I challenge you to find in the scriptures or the true history of the church, one thing I have lied about here or misrepresented here,
  Also just for the record I intend to post more things I have found out over the years and much more recently where I believe I can prove to anyone with an honest approach to scripture that has been either misrepresented to the people or just plain got it wrong. If you are interested let me know. And if I have offended anyone and I'm sure I have, I assure you that is not my intent but I think its time to stop playing church and tell the truth to a world that is getting ready to go into eternity with mistakes and out and out lies propagated by people who just want to feel superior and important. One of my favorite things to do is to play an embecile, and ask preachers simple doctrinal questions or make a statement and see how they respond. You would be surprised at how much you can learn about someone's true doctrinal beliefs if they think you have no idea what yours are.
  If you would like to talk with me or write me a mean letter telling me how stupid I am feel free. Both Julie and I are much aligned by most of the good Christians and churches here anyway because we choose to worship and study in our home instead of at a authorized denominational church, so again, feel free.