Monday, May 16, 2011

The mustard tree parable

   Ever wonder about some of the parables in the Bible made by Jesus?  Ever wonder  why some of the explanations of some denominational churches and preachers just dont seem too quite fit? I mentioned the kingdom of heaven parable Christ gave in an earlier post saying it was like a mustard seed planted that grew into a huge tree and the birds of the air came and nested in it. I also mentioned , I think, that the law of first mention applies to parables too. That means that if birds are unclean or evil in one scripture it will mean the same thing all through the scripture. I really do think that parable was used to show a picture of the denominational churches in the latter days. I think everyone knows there is not now or was never a "mustard tree". Mustard is a small plant used as a spice or  the leaves as an edible green.
   I tried to find a list of all the denominational churches now but didnt find a definitive list. I believe I have heard it said that there are over 200 denominations just in America and some of  them are even divided even further like Baptist, Southern Baptist, Freewill Baptist, etc. Does  this amaze anyone beside me? Christ is returning for His bride,  singularly not plural. I think He is returning for only those that meet His requirements not our beliefs. Yet we have taken what He taught as a definitive benchmark for our lives and added things we want and dropped the things that we didn't like to  make His requirements fit our desires.  I have heard people argue over things like eternal security,, gifts of the Spirit, water baptism, pretrib, midtrib, postrib, a-millenium , pre-millenium, post millenium and the list just goes on and on and on. Its not that hard to understand if people would take the bible literally but we cant even do that.  We argue over if its to be taken literally or as just a general guide. I think Christ answered that one pretty clearly when He said heaven and earth would pass away but not one yot or title would pass from His word until "ALL" was fulfilled. God even put a curse on anyone that tried to change one letter of it. Yet we cant even agree on that. I have had people I know and love tell me that means that you have to read the King James Version ONLY!!! God help us!!!
   As Chuck Missler  says "If we were accused of being a Christian would there be enough evidence to convict us?"
   As I mentioned earlier Im afraid we have fallen into a trap carefully  laid by Satan himself. He has, as the quote goes, divided and conquered. Again instead of  the small strong mustard plant ,the church has grown into a huge aberration and the unclean spirits of the air have made a home in it. I have for  nearly 30 years tried to warn people about that trap but as one pastor told me proudly This is the Bible belt and when the church doors open we have to be there. Christ's church has no doors or windows or pews. His church is the true believer  with the desire to be like Him , not some building. Where ever His true followers are is where the church is. I see nothing wrong with  coming together and singing praises and praying and worshiping God but I think the home is where the learning and teaching takes place. I know all about the scripture that says to not forsake assembling yourselves together but Christ said where 2 are gathered together in My name that He would be there also.
   If you remember the tithes and offerings in the apostles day were for feeding and clothing the poor not building stained glass buildings. I think Catholicism  and the Vatican showed us that the desire of wealth and materialism didn't go missing when Rome decided to let Christians worship in the open. Has anyone ever noticed that the only people that Christ had harsh words for were the pharisees and the religious? The poor, the lame, the tax collectors and even the harlots he delivered and saved but called the religious vipers and white washed tombs full of dead men's bones. Hmm,,, I wonder why.
   I promise that the next post will be about the joy  and true happiness that coming out of that bondage will give you when you finally  shake off the religious chains that we have allowed to be hung around our necks. It feels so wonderful and lightened to get off that yoke and to put on His. That is the purpose of our creation and when we find that He delivered us from the curse that we have tried for so long to earn our way to heaven and to realize that He did it all. I pray for the deliverance of all our family and friends and everyone else in that system of bondage. God bless and keep us all until the day we escape this world. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and may His kingdom come !!!

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