Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Is the problem in America ignorance or apathy?

Hmm interesting question,,, Most Americans would say I dont know and I dont care ! One of the worlds top economists said in a speech in April that America has only a few months left to save this nation. He said he thought from his research that the only way possible now was to impeach the joke we elected as president and to force congress to enact the Glass Steagall act. He thinks if we did those 2 things it might be possible to save America but even that window is fast closing. I have talked to a few people about doing this. The first question they ask is how do we do that. My reply was contact your congressional leaders and demand they do it. The reply is who are my congressional leaders, or that aint gonna do nuthin. Hmm, Ok then lets just go back to sleep and when we wake up everything is gonna be just peachy. I see all the people on the social networking sites putting on their pictures and saying how much they love their babies and grandbabies and believe me I understand that. I do the same thing. But yet when we are on the verge  of losing the ability to feed clothe and educate them we come up with some lame excuse as to why we cant be bothered to make a call or even take 5 min to send an email to our elected officials to demand they do what is necessary to save them.
   Isnt that akin to someone coming into your home and stealing your child's food and clothing and you sit there in the recliner and say oh well the cops will do something, I mean after all its their job to stop thieves. I dont feel like calling them or getting up and stopping the thieves myself but I know they will eventually get caught. We pay the salary of these people and they should do their job. Not my job to do anything.
  I know that one generation has to be the one that witnesses the end of the age. I understand that and even accept that this is probably the one, but I dont think we are expected to just sit idly by and watch the nation that was built on a Godly foundation and paid for with the blood of Godly men to be destroyed from within by the scum like obama and his ilk. I completely understand that God looked into the future of man and saw what he would do to the creation He gave him. He knew we would become lazy and greedy and uncaring and knew we would bring about our own destruction if He didnt intervene. He also knew that fallen man was not capable of governing themselves if they tried to do it without the Creator's influence. Yet we kicked Him out of our schools, government, and lives and then wonder why things are so inconceivably screwed up in our nation and world. For almost 2 hundred years America was the Godly light of the world and the envy of every nation in the world. In the late 50's and early 60's we began to let Satan creep in and take over. How's that working out for us?? We kill unborn babies and are now even paying for the procedures to have it done. Yet when a mother murders all her children we say "Oh poor woman, she must have had a mental problem". Dont send her to prison send her to get the help she needs. Now we have a president who says privately that we should get rid of, oh excuse me, allow the sick and weak who can no longer contribute to society to just pass away. We cant afford to pay for medical procedures for the old and sick so just let them die. But hey if they have money by all means do what ever it takes. We are now the generation that God prophesied would be the last. We are the one that calls evil good and good evil. Dont believe me? Turn on the news and watch for awhile.And yes fox is just like all the rest. The republican right have the exact same agenda as the liberal left, they just want to do it slower and more incrementally. The Dems want to do it and get it over with. but both want a one world government ruled by the elite, not the ignorant masses.
  I hear people who think that because they are in their mid 20's think they have it all figured out now just like I did at that age. The sad truth is I didnt have a clue and neither do they. It takes a few decades of living to really even start to understand the ruler of this world and see over time how he works. No wonder they want to let the old and wise just pass away. They would shoot them in the brain if they could get away with it. Because if you tell the young something enough times and package it just right and make it attractive enough for now they will agree to anything. Tell a teenager he can have unlimited sex till he is 25 he will agree to be castrated on his 26 birthday. Dont believe me? Ask a 16 yr old. They think you should die at 30 anyway because by then you are too old to enjoy life. I had one of my sons tell me that I have lived my life and watched my kids grow up so now let me live mine. Lol, One of my proud moments. Kinda makes you want to live long enough to see their kids grow up and get to witness them being told they are now useless and dont know anything. The sad part is we are all that way and by the time we are old enough  to really understand life and we would give anything too be able to go back and actually listen to and act on the wisdom given by our parents and grandparents. I have done and said so many things I would love to be able to change and take back or do differently. They will too, if they have the chance. Thats the whole point if we dont act now their memories will be of the evil things that are at our door. Again dont believe me, ask a European Jew about his childhood memories. Cant happen here? Thats what they said, ask them. You can find forums online to talk to them. Its worth the time and trouble to listen to what they have to say and see how it started. Or we can all just go back to sleep and let the politicians take care of us. I mean they said if we would  put them in office they would act in our best interest didn't they? We believe politicians in this country dont we? Good nite.

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