Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Once and for all

Hello, Im creating this blog . for the express purpose of letting anyone who cares to find out what my beliefs and stances are on these things that have so many people scared and confused. I'm not a world famous writer, scholar, evangelist, theologian or  anything at all like that. I'm just a normal everyday hillbilly with a little education, a brain that functions properly on occasion, and a very strong belief that the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob is real and the creator of the universe and everything in it. I believe contrary, to most denominational churches, that the Bible is His inspired word and that everything in it is true and that He intended it to be taken literally. Not to say that there aren't "euphemisms" and "types" in it, but that when that is what is used it is apparent and easy to see.
   I have seen churches broken and split because of nothing more than pride. I have seen good people that were earnest in their desire to change their lives put off by the way  they were treated by supposed Christians. I know of pastors and preachers that are much more concerned about what women wear and how long the men's hair is than the feeding and teaching of the people. I have seen pastors that completely fall by sleeping with other women and when they are caught lie their way out of it rather than admit their mistakes and ask to be forgiven. When his own children catch him with the woman, he accuses them of lying about him. I know of pastors addicted to drugs that even when they do admit they have problems still refuse to ask for help or do anything to get delivered. Even swearing under oath that their doctor knows they are getting their prescriptions filled online and after faxing it to the online drug company go as fast as they can to the pharmacy to get the same prescription filled. In our own area a highly regarded pastor was caught by law enforcement in a homosexual act in a public park. Is it just me or does anyone else think the churches might have a problem.
  My next thought  has me wondering if by the word ""church"" Christ even meant what passes for church now. Remember the parable of the mustard seed when planted grew into this huge abhorrent tree that the "birds of the air" came and roosted in? Could Christ have been speaking of what has is passed off as "church" today. Remember he saved the Kingdom of God is like this. Hmm. What else could he have been referring to. The birds of the air are always considered evil or unclean in scripture.  In His day there were no big cathedrals built with thousands of dollars and now even millions of dollars. I know of a very famous church in Ca that hired security to run off the homeless from their parking lot and around their buildings because they didn't want them to be begging from the churches attendees when they arrived in their fancy cars. Again is that just me or do you think Christ would have tried to help rather than run them off. I saw by the way that church, costing millions of dollars for the buildings is filing bankruptcy. Is this the Bride that is without spot or blemish that He is coming back for? Or is it the TV evangelist who runs 24 hrs a day asking you to send them money so God will bless you with a hundred fold? I don't mean that this is the intention of all of the evangelists on TV but now I would have to say I would include most of them in that category. Julie, my wife and I received Christ watching TV in our living room, not in a building. I had been to the alter as its called in a church probably 5 or 6 times and all I got was emotion. Yet, He came to an apartment in Buena Park, Ca. and delivered me from drug and alcohol addiction instantly.
   That reminds me of another thing that just blows my mind. How do we get that the God of the universe didn't know the difference between wine and grape juice? Paul even tells us what the great learned doctors of our time tells us, that a little wine is good for you. If he meant grape juice shouldn't he have made that distinction. Am I saying its ok to go get falling down drunk and bring dishonor on yourself and Him? NO? And if you cant drink in moderation without having to get totally soused then by all means don't drink at all. But do you need to condemn someone who enjoys a glass of wine with a meal? Maybe they aren't the ones with the problem. And how do we get the idea that just because you think something is wrong that its wrong for your brother or sister in Christ? Do we not remember the teachings about this in the new testament? If we would study and take to heart His word I think there would be a lot more harmony in the body of Christ.
  Racism in the body of Christ. This one is straight outta the pit of hell. I have had a pastor and his wife both use the N bomb and laugh about it. I bet Christ was so proud at that moment. I know I was. I looked at my wife and she was as shocked as I. I think the look on our faces must have got the point across because the subject was quickly changed. What are we going to do when we see Christ and he isn't a white anglo ? I think that comes from the churches replacement theology. I mean if its ok to condemn and hate Jews its gotta be ok to hate blacks right. Now that one IS laid at the feet of the denominational church. We are taught that since the Jews killed the messiah that all those promises He made to them are transferred to the church. I got news for them, GOD IS NOT THROUGH WITH THE JEW!!!!! As a matter of fact we are getting ready to find out that He is going to start dealing with the Jew exclusively again. Stop believing what your denominational church has been spouting all these years and open the Book and read it for yourself. When you stand at the foot of Christ do you think that "My preacher said" is going to cut it? How bout "My daddy told me" or maybe "I''m a baptist or I'm a Presbyterian, and we believe".
  While Im on the subject of denominational teachings, Where in the scripture does it say that in the year 1611 God is going to inspire a separate translation of the scriptures and that only that translation is authorized for his Bride to read? Exclude all those written before in which people gave their lives to get into the languages of the people and all those after that were written to help explain and illuminate the passages that were hard for non Elizabethans to read and understand.  And were you not taught in seminary that the King James Version is taken directly from the Wycliffe , word for word with the only exception being they left out some of parenthetical phrases  that he used to explain some of the original words that didn't translate well into English? Did you know that Wycliffe's version wasn't adopted by King James because the Catholic Church wanted to have Wycliffe killed. Yet when the council just dropped a few words and gave it to King James as their own translation he accepted it? But hey, if you enjoy the KJV that's fine, its beautiful, I read that version more than any other but maybe you should find out the truth for yourself before you accept what you are taught and condemn others for something that I bet Christ could care less about. And surely if you spout this you don't ever read the naves topical or another study help because hey this wasn''t authorized by King James.
   Ok are you mad at me yet or want to stop reading this junk? That's fine, my actually taking a stand and telling what I believe to be the truth has cost me most of my friends and a large part of my family. I am willing to pay that price if it will keep one person from missing the mark. But I do ask this, before you completely reject everything I have said here, I challenge you to find in the scriptures or the true history of the church, one thing I have lied about here or misrepresented here,
  Also just for the record I intend to post more things I have found out over the years and much more recently where I believe I can prove to anyone with an honest approach to scripture that has been either misrepresented to the people or just plain got it wrong. If you are interested let me know. And if I have offended anyone and I'm sure I have, I assure you that is not my intent but I think its time to stop playing church and tell the truth to a world that is getting ready to go into eternity with mistakes and out and out lies propagated by people who just want to feel superior and important. One of my favorite things to do is to play an embecile, and ask preachers simple doctrinal questions or make a statement and see how they respond. You would be surprised at how much you can learn about someone's true doctrinal beliefs if they think you have no idea what yours are.
  If you would like to talk with me or write me a mean letter telling me how stupid I am feel free. Both Julie and I are much aligned by most of the good Christians and churches here anyway because we choose to worship and study in our home instead of at a authorized denominational church, so again, feel free.

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